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Meditation Group 

Join Lisa every Wednesday evening at 8;00pm EST for this deeply relaxing, energy clearing and fortifying group meditation class. Each group session focuses on cultivating a state of overall health by working to release physical tension, quiet the mind, clear the energy body and release emotions that do not serve your overall sense of wellbeing.

Most people leave the class feeling notably less "stressed", deeply relaxed, renewed and balanced. Moving you into a state in which to create optimal health - physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. The class also serves to intensify your intuition, connection and sense of inner harmony.

$10 CAD/ person online via Zoom.

To register please email for class & payment details. 

Energy Therapy - Reiki

When our energy field is out of balance the natural flow of energy needed for optimal emotional, mental and physical health is weakened and blockages are created. These blockages diminish the vital flow of energy and reduce your body's own natural ability to renew and heal itself on all levels.  Energy therapy works to gently release these blockages to restore energy flow and cultivate an internal environment that promotes holistic wellness - emotional, mental, energetic and physical. 

Past Life Regression

Regression is an exploration into your subconscious mind,  led by the highest, purest aspect of yourself that knows everything and can pinpoint where certain belief systems began and may leave you feeling stuck or emotionally burdened.  These beliefs leave a lasting imprint on the way we feel about ourselves and cause emotional blocks that can act as triggers in our lives, causing us to engage in unhealthy patterns with others or engage in behaviours that detract from wellbeing.  Often times these beliefs are stored so deeply they are difficult to pinpoint in the intellectual mind because we have no conscious memory of the event - it may have happened when we were so young, or in another lifetime. 

Hypnosis - Intuitive Soul Guidance

As your consciousness evolves, or as the "awakening" process occurs so many people have questions about the purpose of their life - "why I am here?", "what is my soul mission?" and "what do I need to release or learn in order to move towards living in alignment with that mission or my true, highest aspect of self?"   These sessions are a soul exploration, where we go to the highest, pure aspect of you, your  core essence and ask the questions you need for your highest and greatest good.   We work to discover what your life theme is, what lessons you are learning, what gifts you have yet to uncover, what you need to release and even how you can best support your body best at this time.   


Coming Soon.

Lisa is AMAZING! I was recommended by one of her students. They both were actually the best! I did a remote/distant energy healing session and a reading with her since I live out of town. The experience is the exact same as if it were in person, which makes her even more phenomenal. Lisa exceeded my expectations. She went above and beyond for me. Her energy, her knowledge, her healing and her guidance helped me a lot. I am so thankful and grateful. Thank you Lisa!

Sam Ly


Get in Touch! Call or text Lisa at 416-885-2538 to book or set-up a free consultation.


1200 Markham Rd Equilibria Health Centre Lower Level 1, Scarborough, ON M1H 2Y910 


Mon-Fri: 10:00am - 7:30pm
Sat: 10:00am - 7:30 pm
Sun: Closed


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