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Natural Healing Reiki

Unleash your body's natural ability to heal and reduce stress.


In Clinic Services 

Solace Natural Health & Massage Therapy Centre

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Markham, ON



Distance Reiki


The Universal Life Force Energy of Reiki can also be sent via distance to you in the comfort of your own home as is just a powerful as a "hands-on" healing session.   Distance Reiki is very effective at clearing the auric field and assisting the body in releasing tension to achieve a state of relaxation which is optimal for regeneration of the body, mind and spirit for healing and wellness on a truly holistic level.  

A distance Reiki session typically lasts 1 hr, which includes 35 minutes of energy healing followed by a 25 minute call  wrap up call with me to review the session in greater detail where I will provide my intuitive insight on what I sensed and pass along any messages that I perceived.  These messages are passed on from your higher self and guardian teams that reside in the higher dimensions. I am able to access these high dimensional realms as I connect in and act as a channel during the session.  I am very specific about which energy I work with and only allow pure source and universal life force energy for your greatest and higest good to be channeled. I also work with "divination cards" to deliever messages from your higher self/guardian teams. 

To book a "Distance" session please contact me directly at 416-885-2538 or via email at [email protected] .