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Natural Healing Reiki

Unleash your body's natural ability to heal and reduce stress.


In Clinic Services 

As part of The Anti-Aging Clinic's mission to help their clients achieve "Beauty, inside & out", I have joined this amazing team dedicated to beauty and wellness.   For more information on the clinic please visit www.antiagingtoronto.ca .

The Anti Aging Clinic

1936 Avenue Road

Toronto ON, M5M 4A1


Distance Reiki


The Universal Life Force Energy of Reiki can also be sent via distance to you in the comfort of your own home as is just a powerful as a "hands-on" healing session.   Distance Reiki is very effective at clearing the auric field and assisting the body in releasing tension to achieve a state of relaxation which is optimal for regeneration of the body, mind and spirit for healing and wellness on a truly holistic level.  

A distance Reiki session typically lasts 1 hr, which includes 35 minutes of energy healing followed by a 25 minute call  wrap up call with me to review the session in greater detail where I will provide my intuitive insight on what I sensed and pass along any messages that I perceived.  These messages are passed on from your higher self and guidance teams that reside in the higher dimensions of which I am able to access as I act as a channel for Reiki. 

To book a "Distance" session please contact me directly at 416-885-2538 or via email at [email protected] .