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Hypnosis - Intuitive Soul Guidance

As your consciousness evolves, or as the "awakening" process occurs so many people have questions about the purpose of their life - "why I am here?", "what is my soul mission?" and "what do I need to release or learn in order to move towards living in alignment with that mission or my true, highest aspect of self?" These sessions are a soul exploration, where we go to the highest, pure aspect of you, your core essence and ask the questions you need for your highest and greatest good. We work to discover what your life theme is, what lessons you are learning, what gifts you have yet to uncover, what you need to release and even how you can best support your body best at this time. It is a fascinating and deep discovery that brings more awareness, clarity and validation. Many people find they feel much more optimistic fueled by a clearer sense of direction with the ability to make peace with past challenges as we see how they actually served as growth and were needed catalysts. These sessions also serve to strengthen intuition and open up the pathways to your deep inner knowing. It is all about coming back into wholeness and honouring your unique process of soul evolution.

Hypnosis & Energy Work Assist With:

• Stress Relief/ Deep Relaxation – Mental, Emotional & Physical

• Mental Clarity & Motivation

• Weight Management

• Body Image & Self Love

• Smoking Cessation

• Drug & Alcohol Use

• Manifestation & Goal Setting

• Fears & Phobias

• Binge Eating

• Sleep Issues

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