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Regressions - Past Life & Inner Child

Regression is an exploration into your subconscious mind, led by the highest, purest aspect of yourself that knows everything and can pinpoint where certain belief systems began and may leave you feeling stuck or emotionally burdened.  These beliefs leave a lasting imprint on the way we feel about ourselves and cause emotional blocks that can act as triggers in our lives, causing us to engage in unhealthy patterns with others or engage in behaviours that detract from wellbeing.  Often times these beliefs are stored so deeply they are difficult to pinpoint in the intellectual mind because we have no conscious memory of the event - it may have happened when we were so young, or in another lifetime. Regression, utilizing a deep relaxation technique, allows you to quiet the intellectual mind and access the deepest layers of self moving back to the root cause of the issue - to the exact event that caused this belief to be held.  As we witness these events we work to release the underlying emotions and belief systems to bring you back into wholeness, to let go of the burden, the pressure and move forward freely with an renewed level of inner harmony, clarity and ease.  In every regression session, energy therapy is incorporated so it goes beyond just witnessing the events of the past (in this lifetime or another) to work to bring your energetic and emotional body back into balance.  

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