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Lisa Kavanagh
Intuitive Energy Therapy
Certified Hypnotist & Regressionist 
Certified Reiki Master Teacher 

As a strong advocate of natural therapies with a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach to wellness, Lisa is a certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master\Teacher, Past Life Regressionist and active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2019.

Practicing energy work for over 5 years, Lisa received her 1st level Reiki certification in 2014 and finally her Master's in 2017. Using her natural ability to perceive energy, she is highly sensitive and intuitively guided, with the ability to accurately assess her client's energy flow, while working to connect and support them on a meaningful level.

Graduating in 2012 with High Honours from Centennial College’s Addiction Studies program with a certificate in Counselling Skills, Lisa has a variety of clinical experience working with individuals and families effected by eating disorders, addiction and PTSD at the private rehab facility – Bellwoods’ Health Services.

Using a blend of both hypnosis and energy work, Lisa specializes in helping clients build their inner strength, clear limiting beliefs and emotional blockages as they work towards their individual goals in a secure and non-judgemental space.

As an individual who has struggled with her own personal health, family addictions and anxiety related issues in the past, Lisa infuses a unique blend of education, clinical /life experience and intuition into her practice with a genuine warmth and understanding that puts her clients at ease, allowing them to truly open up during the healing process. 

Lisa's Reiki Journey - How She Began...

I received my first Reiki treatment in 2012 after having surgery to remove my Thyroid gland due to Cancer. I didn't know much about Reiki or how it worked, I just knew I was physically and emotionally exhausted and was open to anything that would make me feel better. I had reached a point where I didn't feel that traditional medicine was able to offer me the level of healing I needed. After my first Reiki treatment I was amazed at how rested, calm and clear I felt. It was truly the first time in several months that I did not feel anxious or exhausted. I was completely amazed at the positive impact Reiki had on my overall wellbeing and after a few more treatments I had much more energy and felt "balanced" on both an emotional and physical level. After receiving Reiki, the shift that took place in me was so significant, it inspired me to eventually learn the practice of Reiki so that I could reach out to others, like me, who were in need of healing and open to trying alternative methods . But it wasn't an over night thing, it took me a while to get there, I was always too busy with "life", "one day I'll look into this Reiki thing", "one day when I have more time".... "it was always one day, one day, one day..."

Finally several months later, while sitting at my desk wading through a pile of legal contracts, at a time when the notion of learning Reiki had all but vanished from my scattered mind. I turned to my friend and colleague Meredith and said out of the blue "I'm going to learn Reiki. I have to find a class." All of sudden, for me "learning Reiki" had become urgent but I wasn't sure why. I just had this sense that it was something I had to do. So I found a class with the lovely Christine Jefferies as Reiki Master and enrolled. Then a few weeks later, my father, David, who was so very special to me, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Still, somehow, I failed to make the connection immediately. It wasn't until he underwent his first chemo session that I fully understood the sudden urgency to "learn Reiki".

So there we were, my father and I, he was in a great deal of pain, suffering with terrible throat sores and an eye infection both attributed as side effects to the chemo. I said " Dad, do you want me to try the Reiki?" Him knowing very little about energy healing, initially meeting it with skepticism weeks earlier when I had been explaining to my parents that I was going to take a class in "Reiki" his response was a light-hearted "I don't know Lisa, sounds a bit suspect to me?" Was now, like I had once been, willing to try anything that might make him feel better.

I am deeply grateful that I was able to offer my father Reiki at a time when he needed it most. The healing energy of Reiki helped ease his discomfort considerably, reducing and eliminating pain, providing deep relaxation and sleep. My father became a great advocate of Reiki which enhanced my sincere desire to help others achieve their own healing needs and wellness goals.


Please text or call Lisa for free consultation.

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